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        About Yinglang Plastic

        Taizhou Huangyan Yinglang Plastic Mould Co., Ltd. is located in the famous "hometown of tangerines, plastics and mould kingdom" on the eastern coast of Zhejiang. Yinglang mold covers an area of over 6,000 square meters. Zhejiang Huangyan has convenient transportation by land, sea and air. The company is 16 kilometers away from Huangyan Airport in the south, 1000 meters away from the north, and 2 kilometers away from the passenger transportation center. It is a professional manufacturer and seller of plastic moulds, electronic moulds and daily necessities. Manufacturer, with many years of experience in mould manufacturing and injection moulding production.

        The main products are: automotive decorative parts moulds, treadmills and fitness equipment moulds, supermarket alarm moulds, new energy charging piles and battery holder moulds, daily necessities moulds, turnover box moulds, trash can muolds, etc.

        Success Case

        We are proud of our 98% customer retention rate

        Beiqi quality suppliers, automotive decorative parts, accessories and other professional manufacturers
        The first supplier of the science and technology museum box, the professional manufacturer of the caravan exhibition box

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        Why choose us


        We are committed to updating and expanding our product offerings while developing new production methods and establishing new management systems.


        We focus on the way we work and manage to improve overall business efficiency.


        We also establish a corresponding "integrity mechanism", such as the necessary rules and regulations and rewards and punishments.


        9# Qingfeng Road, North Industrial Zone, Huangyan, Zhejiang
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